UNC Table Stakes participants ‘heroes’ for their COVID-19 coverage

Alysia Harris and Anna Simonton, image courtesy of PEN America

A recent Q&A with PEN America spotlighted the COVID-19 coverage of Scalawag Magazine, a member of Cohort 1 of the UNC-Knight Foundation Table Stakes Newsroom Initiative.

Part of PEN America’s “Local Journalist Heroes” series, the piece highlights the work of Scalawag reporters Alysia Harris and Anna Simonton, who note that during the pandemic Scalawag’s coverage has become more collaborative than ever.

From their interview: “We are working with many more of our partner organizations around the South — and forming new relationships with more organizations every day — to get readers actionable information to help them deal with the political, economic and personal fallout of this crisis. When we publish a COVID-19 related story, we ask how can this empower people right now to protect their families, to advocate for their rights as workers, or organize with their neighbors for housing protections.”

Read the full piece here.