Forbes cites Penny Abernathy in COVID-19 coverage article

Penny Abernathy

This Forbes piece examines a paradox of the coronavirus pandemic: While COVID-19 is one of the biggest stories of a generation, spiking readership and viewership of almost every type of media, advertising dollars — still a main revenue source for many media outlets— didn’t follow.

The article cites the local news research of Knight Chair in Journalism and Digital Media Economics Penny Abernathy, who has highlighted such trends — now exacerbated by the pandemic — in her work with the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media’s Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media.

During the pandemic, government-issued shutdowns have shuttered many businesses, driving down advertising revenue and leading to layoffs and furloughs at media organizations throughout the country, mirroring trends in other industries — such as technology and retail.

“It turns out COVID-19 — the biggest story in a generation — brought viewers and readers to newspapers, magazines, online outlets, radio and television shows, but the advertising revenue didn’t follow,” reporter Jack Kelly writes in the article.

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