CISLM will grow a more equitable and sustainable future for local news, the journalists who make it and the communities that need it. Through the intersection of research, education and practice, we will redefine sustainability to mean more than revenue. We will cultivate, feed and support the human resources who will reinvent journalism.

Reinventing Local News

Featured Project

Stayers and Leavers

We’re seeking responses to our survey for a research study on current and former U.S. local journalists.

The goal of this study is to follow up on our previous report on burnout in local journalism and to better understand why people stay in or leave local journalism. If you’re a current and/or former journalist, or you graduated from an accredited journalism school, we’d love to hear from you!

Q&A with local news researcher, Asa Royal

By Twumasi Duah-Mensah | Feb 16, 2024
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“It’s exciting to see people orienting around that—figuring out what community information needs are and figuring out how to build a product that fulfills them.”

News you can use: Inside WHQR’s people-powered elections coverage

By Kelly Kenoyer | Feb 12, 2024
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During the 2024 election year, journalists are looking for solutions to covering elections in a meaningful, useful way. This guide walks through WHQR’s Community Agenda project, including lessons learned and the limitations.

11 news organizations join Elections Funnel training series

By Sarah Vassello | Feb 5, 2024
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CISLM will welcome 11 news organizations to UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media this week for a training series that will help them meet the moment of the 2024 elections.

Apply to The Elections Funnel workshop

By Erica Perel | Jan 9, 2024
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Join us for The Elections Funnel, a tactical training series focused on using funnel discipline to drive audiences to high-quality elections coverage and convert them for the long haul.

Breaking with Brett Jensen: The dangers facing print media

Erica Perel, CISLM Director, spoke about how concerned people should be about the future of (especially local) journalism + why it is important for young journalists to be flexible and creative as they enter the industry.

Local journalism’s burnout crisis is unsustainable

“It’s probably not surprising to a lot of people in the field, but it definitely should be something that’s dealt with and not thought of as OK,” said Elizabeth Thompson, CISLM local news researcher and the survey’s lead.

Navigating burnout as a journalist

Following more than a decade of layoffs and consolidation in the local news industry, 70% of journalists have experienced work-related burnout, according to a new survey from the Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media.

CISLM presents research on state of news in NC at NC Local News Summit

Journalists, academics and news professionals traveled to Elon University to report updates on their respective works and share ideas on sustainability in local news.