CISLM will grow a more equitable and sustainable future for local news, the journalists who make it and the communities that need it. Through the intersection of research, education and practice, we will redefine sustainability to mean more than revenue. We will cultivate, feed and support the human resources who will reinvent journalism.

Reinventing Local News

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Local News Audience Assistant

Introducing the CISLM Local News Audience Assistant, our customGPT that compiles case studies, best practices, Q&As, tip sheets, audio and video recordings and more around audience development from journalism support organizations.

What the new Fair Labor Standards Act regulations could mean for local journalism orgs

By Sarah Vassello | Jul 4, 2024
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“If they’re actually doing reporting, they’re considered creative professionals so they definitely need a duties test.”

How WCHL is bringing listeners into conversations with Orange County mayors

By Sarah Vassello | Jun 28, 2024
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“It’s really cool that the 3 mayors are all here at the same time. We don’t usually get that opportunity. I wonder if they might be interested in doing a spot on the air with us on the regular?”

"Featured image for the 2024 update of the Government Support vertical on, Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media. The image features the text '2024 Update: Government Support: Tracking how lawmakers are supporting local news at state and national levels,' accompanied by the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media logo. The background includes hexagonal images of the U.S. Capitol, an empty legislative chamber, and colorful state map cutouts."

NY, IL latest to pass legislation to support local news

By Jessica Mahone | Jun 19, 2024
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New York and Illinois are the latest states to pass legislation to support local news as states experiment with new policy solutions for local news.

How a partnership with the Economic Development Authority grew revenue for a local news org and local businesses in VA

By Twumasi Duah-Mensah | Jun 7, 2024
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Henrico Citizen’s Small Business Boost program chose 20 small businesses to receive a three-month email and social media ad campaign and training on how to improve ad reach.

New wins from UNC Table Stakes alumni organizations

The wins keep coming for news organizations that recently completed the UNC-Knight Foundation Table Stakes Initiative.

ANNALs: An Overview of State and Local Legislation to Support Local News

Jessica Mahone, CISLM research director, reported on several challenges associated with the enactment of legislation aimed at supporting local news.

Elmo is the internet’s new therapist. But can he help solve burnout?

Local News Researcher Elizabeth Thompson noted that the 2023 local news burnout report was in response to the observations the CISLM team aspired to quantify after hearing about the topic often from local news journalists.

‘A recipe for burnout’: CISLM’s Elizabeth Thompson on journalism working conditions

The article also emphasizes that changes in the industry, including a landscape of shifting news values and layoffs, could be impacting the experiences of journalists and their burnout.