CISLM will grow a more equitable and sustainable future for local news, the journalists who make it and the communities that need it. Through the intersection of research, education and practice, we will redefine sustainability to mean more than revenue. We will cultivate, feed and support the human resources who will reinvent journalism.

Reinventing Local News

Featured Project

NC News & Information Census

Now more than ever, audiences can rely on something other than traditional newsroom production efforts to be the sole sources of their information intake. So where are North Carolinians getting their local news?

This first round of research into news media in North Carolina maps the state’s local news ecosystem beyond the location of outlet headquarters, focusing on the number of outlets counties have access to and the specific counties that appear in reporting.

Jordan Davis brings broad skillset into local news research

By Katelyn Chedraoui | Mar 27, 2023
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Raised in a family of educators, CISLM Graduate Student Researcher Jordan Davis was taught to value any opportunity to learn new skills.

Q&A with public media researcher, Louisa Lincoln

By Adejuwon Ojebuoboh | Mar 23, 2023
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“There are really brilliant folks who are working to right those wrongs and build something that’s better. I think that’s incredibly exciting.”

How journalism training programs across the nation are empowering and nurturing homegrown talent

By Sarah Vassello | Mar 15, 2023
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There’s a growing movement that seeks to strengthen the journalism and documentary skills of community members in order to better meet that community’s information needs. What are the models out there that are working? (Photo by James Seo | Amplify Utah)

Q&A with community media researcher, Antoine Haywood

By Caitlyn Yaede | Mar 13, 2023
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“How communities are interested in engaging in, producing or informing hyper-local news and information varies.”

CISLM presents research on state of news in NC at NC Local News Summit

Journalists, academics and news professionals traveled to Elon University to report updates on their respective works and share ideas on sustainability in local news.

Lansing State Journal declines lead to shifting business model

It’s difficult to balance limited resources with sustaining a print product and an expanding digital landscape. The news isn’t all bad, Perel points out. New digital mediums mean new ways for diverse voices to infiltrate the industry.

Shorenstein Center publishes research on local public radio filling news gaps

Jessica Mahone, current CISLM research director and former Pew Research Center research associate, co-authored a study referenced in the paper.

LION serves local news organizations through sustainability audits

When making informed decision-making for your organization, CISLM Director Erica Perel advises surveying audiences to evaluate their needs. This audience research is imperative to understanding who you are writing for and how they behave.