Better News profiles UNC Table Stakes participant UNC-TV’s digital audience build

This Better News piece profiles how UNC-TV — a member of all three cohorts of the UNC-Knight Foundation Table Stakes Newsroom Initiative — is building a new and larger audience by producing digital content while staying committed to its traditional broadcast audience.

A North Carolina staple since the 1950s, UNC-TV first went on the air in 1955 and has grown into a 12-station network that reaches the entire state and portions of the surrounding border states.

“Our broadcast audience is very important to us. But it’s not the only one we can or should serve, and it has been shrinking,” said Galen Black, UNC-TV’s
interim director of programming and local content. “Audiences are not consuming less content, but they are now finding it in new ways that are more convenient for their viewing habits. As those audiences migrate to other platforms, it has become important for UNC-TV to find ways to produce content for consumption online.”

Read more about how UNC-TV is increasing its digital audience using the following Table Stakes concepts:

Table Stake No. 2: Publish on platforms used by your targeted audiences

Table Stake No. 3: Produce and publish continuously to meet audience needs

Table Stake No. 5: Diversify and grow the ways you earn revenue from the audiences you build