Student innovation showcased on Pitch Day

A couple months ago, we ran a story about a course in entrepreneurship and innovation taught in the Reese Innovation Lab here at the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media. The course, “MEJO 463: Creating Tomorrow’s Products,” concluded last week when four groups of students presented their final product ideas to a panel of judges last Friday, December 1. The class was taught by Jeremy Gockel, who is the Director of Team Development and Intrapreneurship at McClatchy Company.

Thanks to the guest judges:

Opening Remarks from Reese Innovation Lab  Director Ryan Thornburg and Jeremy Gockel

Pitch Group 1: Soundbite

A web and application platform where users can listen to, discuss and share their thoughts on their favorite local podcasts. View their pitch deck here.
Team members: Danielle Chemtob, Brianna Hales, Lilli Mercho and Grace Ricks

Pitch Group 2: BettrFly

Helping small businesses connect with local social media influencers at a price they can afford.
View their pitch deck here.
Team members: Megan Hollahan,Lʼerin Jensen, Veronica Ortega and Jackson Smith

Pitch Group 3: Sanctuary

This combination of bracelet and mobile app keeps students safe on campus.View their pitch deck here.
Team members: Colleen Brown, Jackson Cowart, Rashaan Ayesh and Courtney Symone

Pitch Group 4: Snooze Ya Lose

Connecting local restaurants with hard-to-capture college audience by helping students get out of bed and get to class on time. View their pitch deck here.
Team members: Michelle Dixon, Marin Herold, Elise Holsonback and Seth Pyle