Better News profiles UNC Table Stakes participant EducationNC

This Better News piece profiles an innovative town hall-style event hosted by EducationNC, a 2018-19 participant of the UNC-Knight Foundation Table Stakes Newsroom Initiative.

The February 2020 EducationNC event allowed high school students in a rural North Carolina county to meet with candidates for state superintendent.

EducationNC, a nonprofit news outlet covering education in North Carolina, created the event to reach constituents often excluded from the election cycle.

“At EdNC, listening to our state’s students, educators and communities is central to our mission. We are committed to civic dialogue and civil discourse. We run perspectives from the far left to the far right, and we believe in our architecture of participation,” write EducationNC CEO and Editor-in-Chief Mebane Rash and Engagement Specialist Alli Lindenberg in the article.

The event showcased the Table Stake principle of serving targeted audiences with targeted content.

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