Stayers and Leavers

The Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media at UNC-Chapel Hill is conducting a survey for a research study on current and former U.S. local journalists. The goal of this study is to follow up on our previous report on burnout in local journalism and to better understand why people stay in or leave local journalism.

You are invited to take this survey if you are or have been a local journalist in the United States or attended an accredited journalism school.

Participation in this study is voluntary, and you can withdraw from participation at any time. The expected time commitment for this study is 10-15 minutes.

The results from the survey will be published in a report to come in summer 2024, and will provide a look at what a sustainable career in local news might look like, ranging from salary to industry conditions, as well as identifying and categorizing post-journalism career paths.

To learn more and to participate, please follow this link.

Participate in our survey