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This page was published on 01/03/24

The story of local media advertising has been one of decline and one of disinvestment, as publishers reallocated resources to grow new revenue streams. Newsrooms have hired development officers to write grants, created news products designed to drive loyalty and reader revenue and focused on content that drives those revenue streams. But the sale of ads, marketing services or sponsorships remain an important part of the revenue mix.

It leads to a question: How do local ad buyers make decisions, and what do they plan on buying more of in the upcoming year?

The goal of this research project was to learn how N.C. ad buyers make media buying decisions. Surfacing this hard-to-gather intelligence will help inform local media operators and executives looking to allocate resources in 2024 for commercial success.

Our full report, including top-level findings:

  • Investments in local advertising sales could generate double digital revenue growth in 2024.
  • Teams that understand annual planning cycles will unlock revenue.
  • Content-led pitches grounded in audience insights will close more deals.

Here are 11 quick recommendations for North Carolina media companies looking to make more money, including:

  • Pitch content-led ideas
  • Don't sell against Meta and Google
  • Tell the story of your audience
  • Embrace experimentation
  • Dominate a niche

CISLM Director Erica Beshears Perel:

  • Summarize the report and recommendations
  • Recap the high-level findings
  • Highlight where we can go from here

Any questions about the research or findings?

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