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Q&A with Western NC researcher, Brenda Murphee

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“Nobody to our knowledge had looked at the region as a whole and tried looking at doing a deep dive into news and information ecosystem and needs of particular communities within one of our key regions in the state.”

Nuestro Estado and Pasa la Voz merge to better serve Spanish-speaking audiences in South Carolina and Georgia

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The goal of Pasa La Voz Noticias is to connect Latinx communities in South Carolina and Georgia with reliable, up-to-date news and information.

How we can help journalists prevent burnout

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“I would hope giving them the support and capacity to do their most meaningful work should ease working conditions, improve the journalism and strengthen communities.”

Q&A with media and politics researcher, Danny Hayes

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“Having local new news sources is one way to maintain communities in a geographic sense that is, I think, harder to maintain in a more globalized era.”

Local news and COVID-19 in North Carolina

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For his graduate thesis, Ely Portillo explored how six different media organizations covered the pandemic in an era of shrinking newsrooms.

Q&A with news engagement researcher, Yiping Xia

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“If you are a journalist or (leading) a newsroom, I will definitely suggest that you talk to immigrant audiences more often.”

Q&A with local news researcher, Teri Finneman

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“I was asking, why is it that after all these decades, academia has not yet helped the news industry solve this business model crisis yet?”

Jordan Davis brings broad skillset into local news research

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Raised in a family of educators, CISLM Graduate Student Researcher Jordan Davis was taught to value any opportunity to learn new skills.

CISLM presents research on state of news in NC at NC Local News Summit

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Journalists, academics and news professionals traveled to Elon University to report updates on their respective works and share ideas on sustainability in local news.

Q&A with public media researcher, Louisa Lincoln

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“There are really brilliant folks who are working to right those wrongs and build something that’s better. I think that’s incredibly exciting.”

How journalism training programs across the nation are empowering and nurturing homegrown talent

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There’s a growing movement that seeks to strengthen the journalism and documentary skills of community members in order to better meet that community’s information needs. What are the models out there that are working? (Photo by James Seo | Amplify Utah)

Q&A with community media researcher, Antoine Haywood

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“How communities are interested in engaging in, producing or informing hyper-local news and information varies.”