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"Featured image for the 2024 update of the Government Support vertical on, Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media. The image features the text '2024 Update: Government Support: Tracking how lawmakers are supporting local news at state and national levels,' accompanied by the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media logo. The background includes hexagonal images of the U.S. Capitol, an empty legislative chamber, and colorful state map cutouts."

NY, IL latest to pass legislation to support local news

Jun 19, 2024
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New York and Illinois are the latest states to pass legislation to support local news as states experiment with new policy solutions for local news.

How a partnership with the Economic Development Authority grew revenue for a local news org and local businesses in VA

Jun 7, 2024
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Henrico Citizen’s Small Business Boost program chose 20 small businesses to receive a three-month email and social media ad campaign and training on how to improve ad reach.

Six ways to stay safe, from journalism safety experts

Jun 3, 2024
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Topics from the sessions included risk assessment and mitigation, personal security, active shooter, protests, legal/know your rights, and psychosocial/mental health awareness.

Q&A with local news ecosystem researcher, Courtney Tabor

Apr 30, 2024
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“We’ve done a lot of counting the numbers of local news systems, which unfortunately is almost obsolete as soon as it’s published, but it would be great to know more about the characteristics of our news.”

‘Opportunity to make a lasting impact:’ UNC grad provides higher ed coverage to WUNC, Open Campus

Apr 18, 2024
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Thanks to a new partnership between WUNC and Open Campus, a nonprofit news organization focused on helping increase local reporting on higher education, higher ed reporting in NC has more resources.

New wins from UNC Table Stakes alumni organizations

Apr 16, 2024
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The wins keep coming for news organizations that recently completed the UNC-Knight Foundation Table Stakes Initiative.

A group of West Wing High School student staff posing for a group photo. They are standing and sitting in multiple rows on and in front of bleachers, smiling or making playful gestures. The students are dressed in casual attire and the background features a clear sky with a portion of a red roofed building.

How high school advisers can help instill good mental health practices in reporting

Apr 16, 2024
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Young people are among the journalists most affected by burnout. Some local journalists start their careers in high school – what are ways advisers are helping student journalists prioritize mental health?

Logo for the Local News Audience Assistant, featuring a central magnifying glass focusing on an open book. Surrounding icons represent various media types, including a microphone, camera, paper plane, smartphone, video camera, music note, chat bubbles, and more, arranged in a circular pattern on a light blue background, suggesting a diverse array of news and information sources.

Help us break this bot! Or alternatively, Learn a little something about building audiences for your local news outlet

Apr 15, 2024
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How great would it be to build a giant meta-search of resources across the journalism support world, we thought. Introducing: The Local News Audience Assistant custom GPT.

ANNALs: An Overview of State and Local Legislation to Support Local News

Apr 12, 2024
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Jessica Mahone, CISLM research director, reported on several challenges associated with the enactment of legislation aimed at supporting local news.

Q&A with Lizzy Hazeltine on NC Press Forward chapter

Apr 12, 2024
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“Making local grants and having local leadership is really important for operationalizing equity in grantmaking, which is really exciting about Press Forward.”

Q&A with local news propositions researcher, Volha Kananovich

Apr 11, 2024
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“There’s an opening for us, as journalism scholars who are trained in doing systematic research, coming up with theoretically-informed ideas and then testing them empirically.”

Q&A with media and politics researcher, Sakshi Bhalla

Apr 3, 2024
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“Individuals are more likely to engage with news that is close to them and personally relevant to their lives. Local news does exactly that.”