News you can use: Inside WHQR’s people-powered elections coverage (page 7)


For more information on the Citizens Agenda, here’s a list of resources and additional examples:

A call for radically different campaign coverage by Jennifer Brandel

Citizens Agenda in Action: A list of 20+ newsrooms turning to the public to focus their 2020 election reporting by Bridget Thoreson

Jay Rosen Presents the Citizens Agenda

North Carolina-specific

The Charlotte Project: Helping Citizens Take Back Democracy by Edward D Miller

Whose agenda drives election coverage in North Carolina? by Melanie Sill

Community agenda: Our voter outreach program has reached over 1,000 Wilmington-area community members. We asked what you wanted to hear candidates talk about, and you delivered! by WHQR


California: Your Questions, Answered: We brought your questions to the candidates and got their answers to the questions most important to you. by KQED

Colorado: We’re demoting horse race election coverage. Here’s why. (Colorado Newsline)

Illinois: WBEZ surveys Chicagoans on elections with ‘The People’s Agenda’ by WBEZ

Nevada: 2022 Elections: Candidate Surveys on the Environment by KUNR

Washington: Citizens Agenda: PeaceHealth, homelessness, water quality top voter concerns by Cascadia Daily News

Wisconsin: Putting focus on issues voters care most about helps media earn trust of readers and strengthens democracy, Citizens Agenda proponents argue by the Post-Crescent; What should the candidates be talking about as they compete for your vote in Wisconsin this summer? Tell us. by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Virginia: Have questions? Here’s what you need to know about the VPM News People’s Agenda by Virginia Public Media


Vox: Vox answers your biggest questions about the 2020 US presidential election.

Here’s a video recap from Vox Media about what they did in 2020 talking about how they approached it.


Australia: Why The Conversation will focus on policy over personality in this federal election campaign

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  3. Part III: Surprises and Modifications
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  5. Part V: Lessons for Next Time
  6. Part VI: Building a collaborative future
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