SDME Chapter 8: Reaching Current and New Customers

To successfully navigate shifting media consumption trends, media entrepreneurs must perpetually evaluate how best to retain current customers, while reaching and engaging new ones. Macro trends – such as mobile access and time spent with new technologies – are disrupting how people consume media. This means that the channels for acquiring and retaining customers are changing significantly. You need to be familiar with tools such as human-centered design and customer journey mapping in order to know how to effectively reach and engage your audience. Here are the questions you’ll consider in this chapter

    • What are the various channels for acquiring and retaining customers, and how can media entrepreneurs learn to evaluate channels?
    • What is “human‐centered” design and customer journey mapping, and how can they help brands pivot in creating, aggregating, and planning content distribution?
    • How does channel mix change as media consumption shifts and brands outgrow their target audience and attempt to reach new audiences?
    •  How does customer experience affect loyalty and brand attachment?

In This Chapter

Video - Reaching Current and New Customers: Scalawag Case Study

Entrepreneur Spotlight - Coming Soon

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