SDME Chapter 6: Defining a Unique Value Proposition

Successful media entrepreneurs identify and continually reassess their unique value propositions, which can be defined as “the fulfillment of your (current and potential) customers’ needs and wants.” The key to crafting a unique value proposition is to first identify your customers’ most meaningful needs, wants, emotions and motivations. This allows media enterprises to align their products and services most effectively. Pricing is an important component of the value equation. That is why it is essential that news organizations constantly assess and update their value propositions, using such tools as value creation maps. Here are the questions you’ll consider in this chapter

  • What is a value proposition?
  • What research techniques and tools help you decide how to improve your product?
  • How do you create value that matches your target customers’ wants and needs?
  • How do you set pricing and translate value into profit?

In This Chapter

Video - Defining a Unique Value Proposition

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