SDME Chapter 12: What the Future Holds

We are at the very beginning of another revolutionary era in communication. Like Gutenberg five centuries ago, we are largely ignorant of the changes in store for the media industry and society. Nevertheless, successful digital media entrepreneurs acknowledge that the business models that underpinned their enterprises for centuries have change dramatically, and then fix their gaze on the potential unleashed by new technologies. Those who succeed in this new environment will be disciplined and focused, reevaluating their strategies often, but also collaborative and agile, able to adjust course quickly if necessary. Here’s what we’ll focus on in this chapter:

  • What we know so far
  • The current state of business
  • What you need to know before starting a new business
  • What we still don’t know

In This Chapter

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Entrepreneur Spotlight - Buckle Up, The Days of Creeping Advances are Gone

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