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New wins from UNC Table Stakes alumni organizations

The wins keep coming for news organizations that recently completed the UNC-Knight Foundation Table Stakes Initiative.

ANNALs: An Overview of State and Local Legislation to Support Local News

Jessica Mahone, CISLM research director, reported on several challenges associated with the enactment of legislation aimed at supporting local news.

Elmo is the internet’s new therapist. But can he help solve burnout?

Local News Researcher Elizabeth Thompson noted that the 2023 local news burnout report was in response to the observations the CISLM team aspired to quantify after hearing about the topic often from local news journalists.

‘A recipe for burnout’: CISLM’s Elizabeth Thompson on journalism working conditions

The article also emphasizes that changes in the industry, including a landscape of shifting news values and layoffs, could be impacting the experiences of journalists and their burnout.

Burnout Remains a Problem. Journalists Are Helping Each Other Cope.

“The Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media recently found that 70% of local journalists experienced work-related burnout. Over the years, I’ve realized what helps best is consulting resources created by reporters who have been through it.”

Breaking with Brett Jensen: The dangers facing print media

Erica Perel, CISLM Director, spoke about how concerned people should be about the future of (especially local) journalism + why it is important for young journalists to be flexible and creative as they enter the industry.

Local journalism’s burnout crisis is unsustainable

“It’s probably not surprising to a lot of people in the field, but it definitely should be something that’s dealt with and not thought of as OK,” said Elizabeth Thompson, CISLM local news researcher and the survey’s lead.

Navigating burnout as a journalist

Following more than a decade of layoffs and consolidation in the local news industry, 70% of journalists have experienced work-related burnout, according to a new survey from the Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media.

CISLM presents research on state of news in NC at NC Local News Summit

Journalists, academics and news professionals traveled to Elon University to report updates on their respective works and share ideas on sustainability in local news.

Lansing State Journal declines lead to shifting business model

It’s difficult to balance limited resources with sustaining a print product and an expanding digital landscape. The news isn’t all bad, Perel points out. New digital mediums mean new ways for diverse voices to infiltrate the industry.

Shorenstein Center publishes research on local public radio filling news gaps

Jessica Mahone, current CISLM research director and former Pew Research Center research associate, co-authored a study referenced in the paper.

LION serves local news organizations through sustainability audits

When making informed decision-making for your organization, CISLM Director Erica Perel advises surveying audiences to evaluate their needs. This audience research is imperative to understanding who you are writing for and how they behave.