Honor Knapp brings willingness to ask questions, inquisitiveness to CISLM

Honor Knapp brings willingness to ask questions, inquisitiveness to CISLM

By Caitlyn Yaede

Honor Knapp is not afraid to ask questions.

The rising junior is studying public relations and communications, with a concentration in interpersonal and organizational communication and rhetoric. As a student in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, she said her interest in journalism is rooted in her experience in MEJO 153.

Noel Pratt, a junior political science major, met Knapp in the course during the fall 2022 semester and said they became instant best friends. Their final assignment was to write about an issue impacting the UNC community.

Knapp proposed a piece on campus safety because campus dorms did not have security cameras at the time. She was met with doubt from her professor, but that did not stop Knapp from pursuing the assignment.

Knapp says she approached the UNC Board of Trustees and the UNC’s chief of police with her article that December and the BOT made plans to have security cameras installed outside of residence halls by the end of January.

This isn’t the only time Knapp says she took a leap of faith. The Manhattan native moved from New York to North Carolina to attend UNC – an experience that forced her to become independent.

“It was the best decision I think I’ve ever made because I had to learn and grow entirely on my own,” she said. “I was not relying on anyone.”

Steve May, an associate professor in the Department of Communications, said Knapp brings intelligence, insightfulness and curiosity to situations she encounters.

May met Knapp when she enrolled in his course, Intro to Organizational Communication, in the summer of 2021. The class embarked on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, where they conducted a comparative analysis between workplaces in the U.S. and Denmark.

“She was really an avid traveler already, and so was an incredible resource both to me and other students who were new to international travel,” May said. Knapp says she enjoyed studying corporate social responsibility and social sustainability with May and hopes to bring these ideals to CISLM.

When she isn’t at her internship, Knapp enjoys biking, cooking, reading and writing. She can be found enjoying outdoor time in Coker Arboretum.

“Honor is passionate and loyal and is what everyone should aspire to be like,” Pratt said.