Elmo is the internet’s new therapist. But can he help solve burnout?

The Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media’s Local News Burnout Report, published April 2023, found that 72% of local journalists surveyed reported experiencing personal burnout; 70% of local journalists responded that they experience work-related burnout.

As the lead researcher on the project, Thompson was interviewed on Connecticut Public Radio to talk about all things burnout, a concept that isn’t exclusive to local news outlets.

Thompson noted that the 2023 local news burnout report was in response to the observations the CISLM team aspired to quantify after hearing about the topic often from local news journalists.

Thompson noted in the interview she and her team at the Center have finished fielding a new survey for the upcoming Stayers and Leavers report on why people stay in or leave the local new field The findings are to be published in summer 2024.

Listen to the full interview with Thompson, also featuring Emily Ballesteros, a management coach and author of The Cure for Burnout, on Connecticut Public Radio.