The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur:
Syllabus and Recommendations for Classroom and Corporate Use

We hope The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur will be used both in the college classroom, as well as in professional settings. Therefore, we have created two sample syllabi for use in traditional graduate and undergraduate courses, as well as a set of recommendations for incorporating the material in the book into a range of strategic decision-making and implementation in media and technology companies.

In the college classroom, all or select chapters in the book can be used to enrich media instruction in the communication, business or journalism sequences.  These include courses that focus on:

  • Digital economics (especially those that focus on the economic factors that determine the success of start-up and legacy media and technology enterprises)
  • Management and the business of media (including those that focus on the business of news and marketing)
  • Strategy and consulting (especially those that involve in-field work with media and/or technology organizations)
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation, especially those in media centers focused on developing and testing digital solutions (products and services) that enhance the flow of news, information and entertainment
  • Digital advertising and marketing, including strategic communication (especially those related to use of media in launching and branding media, tech and consumer products and services)
  • Leadership of media and technology organizations confronting disruptive innovation.

Corporate strategic planners, company executives, department managers, team leaders and other types of trainers and facilitators can use our material in a variety of ways in both start-up and established media and technology organizations.  For example, the book as a whole or specific chapters can be used to:

  • Guide discussions at offsite retreats, especially those involving strategic choices related to significant financial commitments and/or transformation of the business model
  • Design and launch new digital products and services, as well as assess their viability and sustainability
  • Develop a profitable digital business model for a new or legacy media enterprise
  • Encourage entrepreneurial leadership within an organization.

While The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur is primarily focused on for-profit media and tech enterprises, the lessons can also be applied to non-profit media organizations.