Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur

Revolutionary new technologies are compelling news organizations to recreate their business models or be left in history’s wake. The Strategic Digital Media Entrepreneur is packed with practical insights and guidance on all aspects of the business of media. Explore case studies, videos and essays by media leaders that will help you develop your own digital strategy.

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Part One: Understanding the Basics of Digital Entrepreneurship

Chapter 1: Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 2: The Story Behind the Numbers

Chapter 3: What’s a Company Worth?

Chapter 4: The Transformed Competitive Landscape

Part Two: Creating Sustainable Strategies and Business Models

Chapter 5: A Strategy for Dealing with the New Business Imperatives

Chapter 6: Defining a Unique Value Proposition

Chapter 7: Understanding Customer Relationships in a Digital World

Chapter 8: Reaching Current and New Customers

  • Case Study: NFL

Chapter 9: Competing in a Networked World

Chapter 10: Investing in Key Assets and Capabilities

Part Three: Leadership in a Time of Change

Chapter 11: Leadership and Organizational Structure

Chapter 12: What the Future Holds