Burnout Remains a Problem. Journalists Are Helping Each Other Cope.

From podcasts to trainings, journalists are creating resources to help colleagues deal with stress and burnout.

The Center for Innovation & Sustainability in Local Media (CISLM) emphasizes research on journalist burnout, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable practices in local media to enhance mental health. The Local News Burnout Report underscores the high burnout rates and advocate for resources and training to mitigate these challenges, aiming to ensure the long-term resilience of local journalism.

After the report was published in spring 2023, journalists and news leaders have created resources to help reduce burnout.

Samantha Ragland at the American Press Institute offers burnout training and mental health resets. The Self-Investigation provides workshops and training focused on mental health for journalists. Additionally, Emiliana Molina Fajardo’s podcast, “The Awakened Journalist,” and Jennifer Moss’s book, “The Burnout Epidemic,” offer insights and strategies to combat burnout.

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