Apply to The Elections Funnel workshop

We are excited to announce an opportunity for Table Stakes alumni programming in Spring 2024: The Elections Funnel, a tactical training series focused on using funnel discipline to drive audiences to high-quality elections coverage and convert them for the long haul.

2024 is an important time for your news organization. You’re probably already planning to allocate significant resources to covering local, state and federal races that impact your community. Audiences are going to be looking for information that helps them make good choices.

Get ready to meet this moment.

UNC Table Stakes coach Nation Hahn will lead this training with help from CISLM director Erica Beshears Perel and others. There will be two training days in Chapel Hill: Wednesday, Feb. 7, to take advantage of primary election season, and a second day, likely May 29, with a general election focus. The training will be tactical (“bottom of the snowman” as we like to say), with an emphasis on iterating/design-do and on performance. Topics may include:

  • SEO
  • Social video
  • Utilizing influencers
  • Events
  • Paid audience acquisition


Who is this for? Table Stakes alumni organizations in the Southeast that don’t want to miss the moment in reaching and capturing new audiences seeking high-quality, useful and essential information this election year. If you’re not a Table Stakes alumni organization, but have significant interest in elevated elections coverage this year, please consider applying.

Are both sessions required? What if our newsroom isn’t planning significant primary coverage? The two sessions are designed to work together, with outcomes from session 1 informing work done in session 2. And February isn’t too early to start thinking about general election coverage if you are looking at a sleepy primary in your coverage area. If you can only commit to one session, please reach out and talk to us about it.

What if I’m already planning to do a Citizen’s Agenda or am pursuing other approaches to pro-democracy elections coverage? This training is meant to complement the citizen’s agenda or other strategies you are pursuing this election season, by making sure investments in reporting, polling or community listening reach the widest possible audience and set your newsroom up for future success.

What’s the cost? Teams are expected to cover their own cost of travel to Chapel Hill.

How big should my team be? If you’re small, 1-2 is fine. If you’re a larger org, up to 4 is great.

What if we haven’t decided our election coverage strategy yet? That’s fine! Tell us what you’re thinking so far

How do I apply? What’s the deadline? If you’re interested, please fill out this short application — Applications will be reviewed on a rolling deadline, but preference will be given to those who apply by Jan. 17.