Adejuwon Ojebuoboh brings business and journalism together

By Caitlyn Yaede

The path to local journalism has been an unconventional one for Adejuwon Ojebuoboh, an intern at the Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media. As a Robertson Scholar, he’s a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying at the Kenan-Flagler Business School and pursuing a certificate in Policy, Journalism and Media Studies from Duke University.

Despite majoring in business, Ojebuoboh admits that his heart has always been in journalism. He applied and was accepted to the Hussman School of Journalism and Media during his sophomore year, but faced pressures to pursue business from his family.

This did not stop Ojebuoboh’s passion, as he has found countless ways to stay connected to local media, merging the two fields together.

“Understanding strategy, understanding marketing, understanding how to evaluate different business models… that is way more impactful to real people,” Ojebuoboh said.

Ojebuoboh, who grew up in the eastern NC city of Jacksonville, pursued an internship at CISLM as a way to combine his interests in business and journalism while working to improve conditions for journalists and their readerships across the state. After graduation, Ojebuoboh plans to work in strategic consulting.

He has written features for The Duke Chronicle and columns for The Daily Tar Heel. Ojebuoboh has a wide variety of journalism experiences, including working for a friend’s journalism startup, covering Durham County for Indy Week and 9th Street Journal and creating a podcast.

Garrett Geidel, a senior at UNC, met Ojebuoboh through their shared time in the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. “He is passionate about journalism and always eager to pursue new challenges,” Geidel said. “I think these qualities will serve the Center well as he attempts to tackle sustaining local journalism.”

Ojebuoboh met CISLM Director Erica Beshears Perel while working on RV, a podcast series and the capstone project of his certificate at Duke. While evaluating revenue models of North Carolina newsrooms, he interviewed Perel and was inspired by her work in local media.

When he is not studying at Kenan-Flagler or working with CISLM, Ojebuoboh is watching political thrillers, keeping up with business journalism, eating at Talullas – his favorite Franklin Street spot – and spending time with friends.

One friend, fellow UNC senior Danielle Richmond, says she met Ojebuoboh during their first year at Carolina together. “As one of his close friends, I’ve had the privilege to talk with Adejuwon about his passion for serving his community, producing quality work, and making positive policy changes,” she says, going on to describe him as intricate and intelligent. “I am confident that he will bring an invigorating energy and a valuable asset to CISLM.”